Sor. Sumrit Muay Thai

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Muay Thai 

Founder, Owner, and Head Coach at Sor Sumrit Muay Thai, Nik Rodriguez has 20 years of training and teaching experience under the mentorship of legendary Muay Thai Champion,  Kongnapa Wacharawit. Nik's love for combat sports began at age 8 when he started boxing while his family was stationed in FT Richardson Alaska. The love for the striking arts eventually led him to Muay Thai where he fell in love with the art.

Considered one of the best striking coaches in the South East, He has led his Fighters to 10 Championship Titles and has taken fighters from the amateur level to top promotions like Bellator MMA and Invicta FC. Nik has worked with a "who's who" in the Southeast Fight Community with notable names such as:

Adrian "The A-Train" Henderson

Alexa Conners

Ferdinando Acerra

Varon "Mighty Moe" Webb

Derrick Kennington

Solon Staley

Michael Robinson

Cody Mynatt

Walker Vivian

Charlye Vivas

Sebastian Munoz

MMA and Brazilian JiuJitsu

Adrain  "The A - Train" Henderson is the most decorated Heavyweight in the Southeast. Adrian is a 4 time Amateur MMA Champion, he held the Conflict MMA Heavyweight title for consecutive years and was one of the few fighters in the Southeast to win a Bellator MMA contract.  

 Adrian is a Senoca Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu and has a twenty plus year wrestling pedigree. 


Pam Rodriguez

A little bit about me. 

Leading an active lifestyle has always been a part of my life. Throughout my childhood years growing up in South Carolina, I could be found being involved in a multitude of activities. Life happens though, my focus shifted to other parts of life such as taking care of my children, working and other responsibilities. I put myself on the back burner. Once my three children were in school, I happened in to a gym one day and the rest is a journey that has lasted over twenty years, the relentless pursuit of health and living life to the hilt. 

We live everyday, we die once quickly became my motto.

In my twenties, I found a love for the gym. Having been overweight after the births of my children, hard work was and is the only way to change, I knew it. Seeing the changes and the power I had over my body, the ability for it to be sculpted by not only diet but also exercise was and is fascinating to me. 

During that time, I entered, competed and won a national title in Women's Open Class Natural Bodybuilding Middle Weight. 

Muay Thai, Thai kicking boxing, the art of eight limbs, is also in my arsenal. Being introduced to the martial art as a way of working on relieving stress has culminated in my being able to train along side and by the likes of Kongnapa, Smokin' Jo Nattawut, Kaensak, Khunpon. My martial arts practice has continued for twelve years. 

Cardio quickly became my exercise of choice, it was freeing. A bucket list goal to finish a marathon was my lure to distance running which ended up with my new found love of ultra distance, 50k's, 100k's, 100 milers, 24 hour and 48 hour races, not relays all done alone. Ultra running was my life, I represented the state of South Carolina at a national qualifier in March 2014, as a walk on novice runner and finished 4th overall with the elites in ultra from all over the United States. In 2019, I won a 24 hour track race outright and am now the proud record holder for that course. I have also competed an completed Ironman 70.3 San Juan in 2011.

Due to the extreme endurance distance and damage to my body of ultrarunning, I stumbled upon a Groupon for Bikram Yoga as a means to get peace back to my mind and heal my body. I entered that door into the hot room in August 2014, my life has not been the same since. 

Then along came Gabriella Walters with her creation of Inferno Hot Pilates that couples with Bikram Yoga to perfection. I tried and fell in love with this workout genre. Gabriella came to Columbia, held a teacher training, so there was no choice but to get certified to teach.

My choice of a healthy lifestyle, in conjunction with a daily workout routine has helped me maintain a healthy weight, positive mental attitude and also self love and discipline. 

With teaching at Jeep Rogers YMCA - Columbia and at Sor Sumrit Muay Thai - Lugoff, my intention is to empower my athletes through giving them the tools they need to better themselves, gain body awareness and self acceptance. To defy the limits,they have placed upon themselves and show them that anything you want or anything you want to do, is attainable with hard, consistent work. A dose of discipline, determination and dedication...and a whole lot of fun.

Recently I am enrolled and studying to become a vinyasa flow yoga teacher, with the Rolf Gates based program here in Columbia, SC. I completed the course study in March 2017 and am thrilled to have added a 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) to my credentials, for an even more rounded offering. In 2018, I answered a call to dive headlong into the world of Reiki. I am a level Two Reiki practitioner, lineage not limited to but including Diane Stein.

Leading a healthy lifestyle can be started at any age. The journey is solely yours. 




Sensei Jimmy Mudd

As a teen I was always interested in martial arts. Over the teen years I attended several local Karate/Tae Kwon Do schools and took instruction never really sticking to anything or deciding I wanted one

of those styles to be my base art. Around 1999 I met Sifu Mark Mills of at the time was head

instructor of a small school called Columbia Martial Arts. Over the next few years I trained under Sifu

Mills and Keith Mosher in jujitsu, Muay Thai, and Jeet Kun Do. I was privileged to do several seminars

with the likes of Frank Shamrock, Erik Paulson and several other special guest Sifu Mills had over the

years. In 2006 I found myself wonder with all the techniques I had been learning how do I start

sewing all this together. I felt there was something missing. I branched out in my research of schools

in the Columbia area and found Palmetto Jujitsu.This was during a time before MMA became so

popular and me being an older student I knew I had to find something that fit for me. I became really

interested in the Danzan Ryu jujitsu system through a great friend and liked the fact that it dealt with

real life self defense. Danzan Ryu is very structured and encompasses everything from escapes,

throws, constriction/submission, self defense, weapons defense, healing arts, punches, kicks, flow,

and movement. I also loved the fact that it focused on many different arts to make up the system.

Danzan Ryu is based off of the traditional techniques Japanese jujitsu/judo. I also like the fact you

could trace the lineage of the art and there was an accredited affiliation with the American Judo and

Jujitsu Federation. Late 2006 I began my journey under the instruction of Professor Tom Ryan (7 th

Degree Black Belt). Between 2006-2010 I trained as much as I possibly could usually 4 days a week

minimum. I set my mind on the path I wanted to take and put in many many hours of hard work,

sweat and determination. In October of 2010 I tested in front of a national board of professors

demonstrating my knowledge of the techniques and application of them. November 11, 2010 I

received the rank of Shodan (1 st Degree Black Belt, AJJF # 13604-7) After testing for black belt I

continued to train with Professor Ryan for some time until a series of unfortunate events happened.

I first moved from Lexington to Blythewood which was a big geographical change for me, then I was

involved in a severe auto accident where I was struck from behind by an 18 wheeler on the interstate

and had to undergo several surgeries. Near the end of 2014 I began my search for another school

closer to home to train had but has no luck in doing so. All I could find was BJJ schools and they

where opening and closing before I could even research what they did. I hear about a place called

Sor Sumrit but was not sure. I knew they trained the fighters and offered some other instruction, but

did not know if my age would prevent me from fitting in or if I wanted to start all over with other arts

this late in life. I reached out to Coach Nik Rodriguez and he and I talked and he said exactly what I

needed to hear. I ended up coming out and giving it a try and fell in love with the place. Great

people, great training, and tons of knowledge. He had everything under one roof, he had Muay Thai,

wrestling, and BJJ under one roof. Even though BJJ was not my base art. I figured there would be

people to work out with and at the end of the day jujitsu is jujitsu. I quit looking for the differences in

the arts and looked at the similarities and ended up landing at Sor Sumrit and that is where I call

home and train today.