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Muay Thai

Founder, Owner, and Head Coach at Sor Sumrit Muay Thai, Nik Rodriguez has 20 years of training and teaching experience under the mentorship of legendary Muay Thai Champion, Kongnapa Wacharawit. Nik's love for combat sports began at age 8 when he started boxing while his family was stationed in FT Richardson Alaska. The love for the striking arts eventually led him to Muay Thai, where he fell in love with the art.

Considered one of the best striking coaches in the South East, He has led his Fighters to 12 Championship Titles and has taken fighters from the amateur level to top promotions like Bellator MMA and Invicta FC. Nik has worked with a "who's who" in the Southeast Fight Community with notable names such as:

Adrian "The A-Train" Henderson

Alexa Conners

Ferdinando Acerra

Varon "Mighty Moe" Webb

Derrick Kennington

Solon Staley

Michael Robinson

Cody Mynatt

Walker Vivian

Charlye Vivas

Sebastian Munoz

MMA and Brazilian JiuJitsu


Adrain "The A - Train" Henderson is the most decorated Heavyweight in the Southeast. Adrian is a 4 time Amateur MMA Champion, he held the Conflict MMA Heavyweight title for consecutive years and was one of the few fighters in the Southeast to win a Bellator MMA contract.


Adrian is a Senoca Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu and has a twenty plus year wrestling pedigree. 


​Pam Rodriguez​

Movement and a healthy life style have been a large part of her life for close to thirty years. Through personal growth and education, she have received Numerous certifications in order to be able to share and teach my own practices. Those include the following: personal trainer, HIIT and core certification, Yoga teacher certification, running coach, and currently will begin to learn about aiding PTSD suffers, those with addiction and individuals who are paralyzed.

Her credentials include the following;

*National Body Building Title of 1st Place Open Middleweight

*Internationally Ranked Ultramarathon Runner distance over 50 miles)

Buckles in 100 milers

*Several First Place and Overall Finishes in multi distance runs

*Ironman Competitor and Finisher

*15 year Muay Thai practitioner 


Sensei Jimmy Mudd is a second degree Black Belt in Danzan Ryu Jiujitsu, a traditional Japanese Jiujitsu style. Danzan Ryu is a "no non sense" style of JiuJitsu that focuses on the art of throwing. Jimmy has 22 years experience in martial arts training including Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts.


 Ferdinando Acerra was one of the most feared fighters in the South east. As an Amateur, he amassed a record of 6-1, and was undefeated as the Fight Lab 205lb Champion. As a pro, he made his way down to Middleweight where again, was undefeated with a record of 5-0!​


Rolando Collantes

Rolando “Rolo” Collantes is a 21-year United States Air Force Veteran. He holds a certified

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) brown belt from Professor Andrew Gardineer. Rolo has been training BJJ for over 10 years, validating his skills throughout various competition-based events, and has a passion for the gentle art. He’s had the pleasure of training and learning alongside top level BJJ practitioners and stays up to date on this ever-evolving Martial Art.

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